December 4, 2022

Quests in Subnautica are a new feature that aim to add some narrative to the exploration and crafting experience. The main goal of the quest system is to provide more structure in what you do in Subnautica, and not let you get stuck in a particular area or playstyle.

Quests don’t require any additional research, they’re available from the beginning and they will help you progress through the game and learn about the backstory and different play mechanics. We expect most quests to be fairly short – they give you a new tool or ability, and then it’s up to you how to use it.

How to heal in subnautica

One of the biggest challenges when developing Subnautica was to make swimming around in a vast, unknown ocean fun. We knew that if swimming wasn’t enjoyable, most players would never be able to experience what we have created.

Rethinking movement in Subnautica also meant rethinking how you heal in subnautica. If swimming around is fun, it doesn’t make sense to have your character magically heal up if he stops moving for a few seconds. We are currently experimenting with some new ways you can heal yourself in Subnautica.

What is a quest in Subnautica?

Quests are a way to guide the player through the game. They require you to explore, craft items and use your submersible technology in different ways. For most players, quests will be like signposts that tell them what they should do next. Underwater survival is all about exploration and crafting. Players can create anything that helps them to survive. To make the game more interesting we decided to create some quests that give you a direction and some tasks to accomplish.

What Quests can I expect in Subnautica?

So far there is only one quest, called “Mystery Creature.” The main aim of this quest is to give you a hint about how to learn more about the alien lifeforms inhabiting the planet. As you continue your adventure, other quests will be added that introduce new items, creatures and technologies.

How do I get started with the first quest in Subnautica?

The first quest is available when you start a new game. It will show up in your codex as a reminder of how to proceed. Once you have finished the first quest, another one will be triggered and added to your codex.

How do I know if a quest is available?

Quests are shown in your codex. If a quest is currently active, there will be an image showing what you need to do next. If the quest requires an item, you will need to craft it first if you don’t already have it.

How do I find out what to do with my current quests?

While playing Subnautica, you will receive messages that provide more information about your current quests. You can also check your codex for a list of active quests and their status.

How do I finish a quest?

To complete a quest, you simply need to open your codex and check your active quests. If the quest requires an item, you will need to craft it first if you don’t already have it. Once you have completed all the steps in the codex, the quest will be marked as finished.

How do I know if a quest is active?

If you have more than one quest in your codex, the active quests are shown on the bottom of the screen. If all your quests are active, then you can see more details about them by clicking on it.


This is just a short overview of what to expect when you start playing Subnautica. These are the early days, and there’s still plenty of work to do before we can share with you all that Subnautica has in store for you.

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